Activity and Context Recognition with Opportunistic Sensor Configurations


Validation scenarios

The OPPORTUNITY approaches will be applied from simple case studies to more complex scenarios:

  • First simple activities are considered, such as manipulative gestures
  • Second composite activities are considered, such as manipulative activities occurring simultaneously as other whole body physical activities
  • Finally complex activities taken from real-world scenario (indoor activity recognition, health and wellness oriented activity monitoring) are considered.
  • Methods are demonstrated on a complex cognitive context recognition task (EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces). Opportunistic BCI systems will be tested on experimental protocols ranging from the detection of evoked and event-related potentials linked to the user cognitive state, to the recognition of user modulated brain rhythms.


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We develop opportunistic activity recognition systems: goal-oriented sensor assemblies spontaneously arise and self-organize to achieve a common activity and context recognition. We develop algorithms and architectures underlying context recognition in opportunistic systems.


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