Activity and Context Recognition with Opportunistic Sensor Configurations

A successful kick-off meeting

The project's kick-off meeting of the project was successfully held on March 4 and March 5 at ETH Zürich.
After a series of scientific presentations related to opportunistic sensing, context processing, and autonomous adaptation, we laid the workplan for the next 6 months of the project.

OPPORTUNITY has started

February 1st marks the start of the project OPPORTUNITY. Over the next three years we will work on context-recognition methods in opportunistic sensor configurations.
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OPPORTUNITY web site made public

The OPPORTUNITY web site is now public, a few days before the project officially starts.
You will find here information about the project and regular status updates, as well as code and deliverables as they are published. You can register to the newsletter or the RSS feed to automatically receive important updates.
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We develop opportunistic activity recognition systems: goal-oriented sensor assemblies spontaneously arise and self-organize to achieve a common activity and context recognition. We develop algorithms and architectures underlying context recognition in opportunistic systems.


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