Activity and Context Recognition with Opportunistic Sensor Configurations

EEG/HCI recordings

From 25.08.2009 until 28.08 we conduct an EEG and limb motion data collection session on an HCI scenario. We will use it to investigate the potential of OPPORTUNITY algorithms to combine EEG with motion information to improve wearable activity recognition systems.

Next consortium meeting 8-9.09 in in Linz

Our next consortium meeting will take place in Linz the 8th and 9th of September.
This meeting is co-located with ISWC'09, a major conference in wearable computing. Members of the consortium will be present at the conference. Get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Complex opportunistic dataset recording

From the 17 to the 22, a complex multimodal dataset will be recorded to benchmark the OPPORTUNITY algorithms in various opportunistic configurations. More than 40 sensors of 6 different modalities are planned for this purpose.

Visit us at the FET event

We will present the OPPORTUNITY project with a poster at the FET'09 event on Wednesday 17h30-19h00.

Come and visit us!


Science Beyond Fiction

The European Future Technologies Conference, FET09, will be held in Prague,  21-23 April.
Members of the consortium will attend the event and present OPPORTUNITY.


Do not hesitate to contact the consortium.


We develop opportunistic activity recognition systems: goal-oriented sensor assemblies spontaneously arise and self-organize to achieve a common activity and context recognition. We develop algorithms and architectures underlying context recognition in opportunistic systems.


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